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ambassador program

Welcome to the movement

Become a Goal Five Ambassador and tell our story in YOUR way.

We built this brand with a mission to celebrate female athletes globally. Goal Five Ambassadors are individuals who not only love our brand, but are also the playmakers who progress the game.

Community is at our core, and we can’t think of a better way to globalize that community than with amazing people like you.

Join our community of ambassadors who love GoalFive (almost) as much as you do.

Rock our gear, be a badass athlete, do your thing. Then tag us on Instagram@goalfive!

Get an all-access pass to all things Goal Five -from new product drops, exclusive discounts, the chance to engage with our athletes, and more, all while seeing your global impact in real time.

Let’s talk about the big picture. Being a Goal Five Ambassador is a two-way street with perks on bothsides. The more you rep the brand and spread the word, the greater the impact we can have on girlsaround the world. And of course, we’ll stoke you with exclusive goodies along the way.

Like we said, it’s a win win.

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Exclusive feature on either blog, social, website or advertisement.


Posts must be made from accounts that are public Posts must visibly display @goalfive tag on product in use or package Maximum 5 tags per post (not counting people) Posts must not be made from accounts with no previous posts


About Goal Five Ambassador Program
The ambassador program is one way in which we endeavor to reward and thank loyal customers and brand fans for purchasing product and promoting us on social media. Ambassadors are able to earn rewards by posting on social media.

Becoming an Ambassador
To be eligible to join, you must sign up at the top of this page.