2 Ways to Make Equal Play Into a Lifestyle

2 Ways to Make Equal Play Into a Lifestyle

July 07, 2021

Equal Play is at the core of our mission. To us, our efforts extend beyond achieving adequate pay for female athletes, but rather creating equal opportunity, access, and experience for all women in sport globally. As a consumer of our product, you are inadvertently a key player in the fight for equality, and every purchase you make helps get more girls into sport. It’s easier than you think to incorporate the Equal Play movement into your everyday life; so let’s talk about how to transition from an equality supporter to an active ally in just two steps.

The first step in the fight for Equal Play is understanding that all girls, regardless of gender or socioeconomic status, should be allowed to participate in sports; because when they do, they become strong leaders on and off the field. Since the beginning of Goal Five, we have partnered with a variety of organizations that use sport as a means to educate, empower, and create a sense of community for girls around the world. Our core mission partners are Soccer Without Borders and Moving the Goalposts: two organizations that use the power of sport to positively impact the lives of disadvantaged youth. By purchasing any of our gear, you’re directly contributing to increased access to sports for girls around the world.

Visibility matters in the world of women’s sports. The best way to support female athletes is to (quite literally) support female athletes...there’s no better way to put it. Whether you have season tickets to see your favorite NCAA women’s basketball team or you live streamed the women’s gymnastics Olympic Trials with your friends, the second step in the Equal Play movement is making a conscious effort to watch women’s sports of all levels. You can’t be what you can’t see, so only when women’s sports are seen can they inspire the next generation of female athletes.

Check out The Fan Project to learn more about how you as a fan can change the game.

All in all, Equal Play is about showing up for each other, and empowering those around us to achieve their potential. Making an effort to support women’s sports is a lifestyle we can all get behind, and will ultimately make a massive impact in the fight for gender equality for athletes around the world. Welcome to the movement!

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