Behind the Scenes of Our Fall Collection

Behind the Scenes of Our Fall Collection

September 22, 2021

Behind the Scenes of our Fall Collection

The days are getting shorter, the weather’s getting cooler, and everything suddenly tastes like pumpkin (can’t complain about a little PSL action here and there). In other words: Fall is here, and the transition is sweet. With the change in seasons comes our new fall collection, with a fresh palette of colors that are setting the tone for the rest of the year. How? Glad you asked. In the words of Snoop Dogg, “let’s take a journey,” and go behind the scenes to understand the inspiration behind our fall collection.

Our fall colors are more than just a collection of aesthetically pleasing hues. They are carefully crafted and planned by our world-class product and design team in order to fit the mood of the season. As we lean away from the sunny, warm days of summer and into the cool, cloudy days of fall, our color palette and our overall vibe is making the same switch. Each color combo represents a different theme; but ultimately, the collection as a whole represents our goal of ending this year on a good note, and starting fresh in 2022.

The bright-to-soft color combo of Poppy, Faded Rose, and Nectar offers a smooth transition from our bold summer colors to the earthier tones of fall. In the same way that summer pre-season training eases into the official fall sports season, we wanted to provide a color change that felt just as natural.

Darker, richer colors such as Dark Teal and Cinnabar are the colors that solidify the changes we have made so far this year, and the progress we’re working towards as we move into the next. These earthy tones are meant to ground us in our goals as we get into the thick of fall sports, so we can focus on where we’d like to be when the final game concludes.

Cinnabar is the common denominator of both sets of color combos. By including Cinnabar on both sides of the equation, the energy of the season can eb and flow freely.

All in all, the seasons come and go but the work we put into our success never stops. We’re just here to help keep those transitions smooth, and keep the energy going through each and every training season. The end result of all the hard work is all you.

Check out our fresh fall collection here, and see which combo fits your vibe.

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