Bev Yanez: From Middie to Mom

Bev Yanez: From Middie to Mom

July 21, 2020 1 Comment

We are stoked to introduce Bev Yanez, former NWSL pro, soon-to-be mom and our newest brand ambassador. Bev started her soccer career with the Washington Freedom, followed by multiple seasons abroad, and closed out her time as an NWSL pro with six seasons playing with OL Reign. She is now transitioning into the next chapter of her life while still displaying an ongoing passion for women’s soccer and the success of young female athletes. Bev is a team player on and off the field and is an inspiration to aspiring athletes and women everywhere. We asked Bev a few questions to get to know her better. Check out what she has to say below!

How do you spend your free time off the field?

I am so incredibly passionate about the game and spend a lot of my time watching soccer games on TV and supporting women’s sports. I also enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family, catching up over coffee or a good meal. Lastly, I have two doggies that my husband and I absolutely just adore! Any time spent with them, walking them and just enjoying life all together is definitely top of my list when I am off the field.

You’ve been transitioning from being in the pro league to now getting ready to be a mom. What has been the best part of this next chapter for you? And on the contrary, what has been the biggest challenge?

The best part has definitely been the transition of realizing in just a few months I will become a mother. My husband and I are extremely excited and it has been fun watching my belly grow with pure excitement. The biggest challenge has been missing all of my teammates. Missing the team environment. I have been lucky enough to travel the world, make friends and do what I love for a living for so many years. Now having the opportunity to reflect on all this, I feel even more grateful!

Where do you hope to see the NWSL in 5 years?

I see the league continuing to grow, teams continuing to join the league and more women getting an opportunity to chase their dreams. There was no sustainable league when I was growing up. I only got to watch the National Team games in order to support women’s soccer. That was incredible and those women ignited my dream to play professionally. But with more women playing you get more visibility, and ultimately more dreamers!!


How do you want to help the women’s soccer community grow in the future?

I want to help inspire others to chase their dreams with soccer, whatever those dreams may be. For some that is NAIA soccer, for others that is D1, for some that is playing professional, for others that is playing high school soccer. I want to help inspire and encourage players that whatever happiness the sport brings you, continue to enjoy it and share your passion with others. The most beautiful thing about sport is that it brings people together from all different places, different cultures and yet we all speak the same language - soccer!

What's your best piece of advice for young athletes?

Do what you love and love what you do! Although in sport, naturally there are times that are great and some that can feel so low. The most important thing is that you are always trying to better yourself on and off the field for the betterment of your team. Be the best teammate you can be, you never know when someone may need you.


We can't wait to have you as part of the team, what excites you the most about working with Goal Five?

Your involvement in the community and priority to empower women all over the world! I am extremely excited to be a part of Goal Five.

 Photos courtesy of Bev Yanez. Photo credit @janegphoto

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Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett

August 20, 2020

Bev is a leader and a great inspiration for young women athletes. We are so excited for you and your growing family. Keep up the great work.

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