Bold New Colors, Bright New Inspiration

Bold New Colors, Bright New Inspiration

April 12, 2021

The new collection is here, yay!

Spring is here, and this time it hits a little different. Let’s be real: this last year brought challenges in so many forms, and no one was exempt from the hardships that were thrown our way. As we reflect on where we were in April of 2020 (as a brand, and as human beings) and remember the uncertainty, the discomfort, and the sacrifices we all made, we emerge into April of 2021 with a newer, brighter perspective. The inspiration behind our vibrant new Spring colors comes from a place of optimism, hope, and excitement for the year ahead. Things may not always go as we plan, but no matter the troubles we all face we can all find a way to let the good times roll.

Every season we welcome bold, fashionable colors to our collection, but as a performance apparel brand, our primary focus always remains on maintaining consistent, timeless gear. That’s not to say we don’t get a little taste of the rainbow every season. Our champion Goal Five product designer, Amy Klee, spends hours researching upcoming trends and using her incredible eye to custom-craft beautiful new colors year after year.

“This season, Goal Five is adding more color options than ever!  The goal was to capture that feeling of post-Covid optimism.  With so many of us stuck at home, unable to travel or go on vacation for the last year, I wanted the colors to feel fun, bright and saturated.  Think tropical! Also at the top of the list, was to incorporate colors that compliment every skin tone.” 

As we continue to navigate this year and begin to slowly create a new sense of ‘normalcy’ in our lives, our goal is to support you on that journey in any way we can. While our ultimate goal is to uplift our community on all levels, at the very least we want to bring you apparel that can help progress your own personal goals. In the spirit of our new Spring colors, let’s approach this training season and the rest of this year with boldness, confidence and optimism. Happy training, team.


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