G5 Holiday Workout Circuit

G5 Holiday Workout Circuit

December 17, 2021

Have Yourself A Merry Little Workout

It's the Holiday season! Buckle up for an exciting season of festivities, gratitude, giving, and celebration! With everything you’ve got going on right now, we thought we’d share some ideas on how you can stay fit this time of year. As we did with our Thanksgiving fitness post, we again consulted the finest trainers, fitness gurus, and professional athletes to bring you the absolute best holiday workout routine.  

Holiday Season Workout Plan:

  • Tree Toned
    • Go to the Christmas tree lot and deadlift all of the trees
    • Start with the 2 foot trees and work your way up to the 12 footers
  • Flipped and Ripped
    • Flip a bunch of latkes to build up your arm and wrist muscles
  • Kiss-mas
    • Exercise those lips under the mistletoe ;)
  • Wrap Battle
    • Challenge your friends and family to a speed gift-wrapping sprint session
  • Jingle all the Day
    • Work your vocal cords by loudly singing your favorite holiday songs
    • At least 4 sets per day
  • Gingerbread Shred
    • Bake some gingerbread cookies
    • Do 10 push ups, eat 1 cookie
    • 3 sets 

Let us know how your holiday workouts go on Instagram using the hashtag #G5HolidayCircuit. Feel free to also tag us in any pictures of ugly sweaters or puppies.

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