Girl Dads

Girl Dads

June 18, 2021

This Dad’s Day we’re highlighting the father-figures in all of our lives who have pushed us to exceed all expectations and reach our full potential; today we’re celebrating the Girl Dads. Regardless of who plays the role of “Dad” in your family, a “Girl Dad” is the one who has supported you on your journey to greatness, and has allowed you the space to grow as a person and as an athlete. He’s the one who shows up, shows out, and speaks up in favor of your success. Inspired by the one and only Kobe Bryant, let’s talk about what it means to be a Girl Dad to a female athlete.

It’s no secret that women in sports have an entirely different experience than men. From media representation to facilities at national tournaments, men are consistently given superior treatment. Women stay supporting women, but the voices of our self-identifying male allies in the fight for Equal Play are critical. That being said, being the father figure of a female athlete means more than empowering her to be her best: it’s about speaking out against systems that limit her potential. Being a Girl Dad means being an active ally to the all encompassing ‘her,’ and showing ‘her’ that she deserves equal rights and treatment.

Although our team is made up of almost entirely of women, the Goal Five experience wouldn’t be complete without the awesome Dads on our team. On behalf of the entire G5 fam, here’s a collective shoutout to Hao, Andy, and Keely for contributing to a space that allows women to thrive. We appreciate you, and we know your daughters and sons do too.

On June 20, let’s take the opportunity to thank the Girl Dads in our world, and appreciate them for all they’ve done to support us.

And from all of us at Goal Five, Happy Father’s Day!

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