How to Care for your Goal Five Gear

How to Care for your Goal Five Gear

October 13, 2021

Tips for washing your workout clothes

We all know workout gear is a little more high maintenance than our normal clothes. This is due to how we're using them and the fabrics they're made up of. It is important that we give our beloved athletic clothing the treatment it deserves.

You've been washing your clothes the same way for a long time, and we want to make sure you've been doing all the right things when it comes to your Goal Five gear. Here are a few of our go-to tips to keep your gear in champion condition for years to come.

Turn workout clothes inside out

Sweat and dead skin cells left on our clothes result in stinky odor-causing bacteria. This is why it’s important to wash your gear inside out. This gives water and detergent direct access to clean off the source of the smell, leaving you fresh as a daisy.

Stop using too much detergent

Using loads and loads of detergent is NOT the answer! Despite what you think, more soap won't make your clothes cleaner. Washing with too much detergent actually creates a buildup of soap residue that traps odors in your clothes. 🥴

Wash like fabrics together

Washing athletic clothing with things like towels, sweatshirts, and jeans can really hurt your G5 gear. The stretchiness of your fav shorts and tops will pick up stray lint from those heavier items. This means things like pilling and other damage that nobody has time for.

No fabric softener

Fabric softener leaves behind a coating on clothing, which traps odor. The more you use fabric softener on your performance gear, the thicker that coat gets; meaning water and detergent can't get to the dirt and sweat that produces the smelly odor. 

Avoid heat

Wash cold. Line dry. Simple as that. Your elastic workout gear will thank you.


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