How to Support Women’s Sports this Fall

How to Support Women’s Sports this Fall

August 11, 2022

How to Support Women’s Sports this Fall

Although we encourage you to watch women’s sports all-year round, we thought we would take this opportunity to put together some of our favorite resources in order to help you continue to celebrate and support women’s sports this season. 

Newsletters, Podcasts, & News Sources

  1. The Gist: The Gist is a women-founded and operated sports media brand that’s leveling the playing field in sports. Think of them as your witty, sports-obsessed best friend that has a podcast, The GIST of It, a free, 4x-weekly sports news email and 3x-weekly sports biz newsletter, and awesome socials, @thegistusa, @thegistca
  2. Just Women’s Sports: Their name says it all: JWS is 100% women’s sports, 100% of the time! In a world where women’s sports have been perennially underfunded, underpromoted, and underappreciated, JWS exists to shine a light on the stories, athletes and moments that define and fuel the women’s game. Check them out for their informative newsletter, entertaining podcasts, fun social media coverage, and game schedules.
  3. The Equalizer: The Equalizer’s podcast, socials, and newsletter are a go-to resource for everything you need to know about women’s soccer! They are changing the game by giving women’s soccer the necessary coverage it deserves.  

Social Accounts to Follow

  1. espnW (IG, Twitter): The latest from ESPN about women, sports, and culture. 
  2. Togethxr (IG, Twitter): Co-founded by women’s sports icons, Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel, and Sue Bird, Togethxr covers both women’s sports and lifestyle (because women’s sports is a lifestyle, right?). 
  3. Girl’s Soccer Network (IG, Twitter): GSN covers anything and everything you need to know to about news, culture, life, and style around the beautiful game for the female athlete.

Sports Networks

  1. NBC Sports, On Her Turf: On Her Turf is NBC Sports’ channel for women’s sports, sporting an informative newsletter, social media channels, and live event coverage.
  2. ESPN: ESPN offers up-to-the-minute coverage on a variety of sports and supports women’s sports specifically through their espnW brand. 
  3. NCAA (Varying networks): As college sports return, you can find game times and tv schedules listed for all divisions on NCAA’s website. (And don’t forget about the schools under the NAIA and the NJCAA!)

If the Women’s EURO 2022 tournament taught us anything, it’s that people want to watch women’s sports! (But we already knew that). Like Goal Five, the organizations listed above are focused on empowering female athletes and women’s sports all year-round, all over the world. Although we wish every city had a women’s sports-focused sports bar like our friends at The Sports Bra PDX, we encourage you to meet your friends out at a game-watch this fall and request that women’s sports be shown on the TV. 

What are your favorite resources to use to follow women’s sports? Let us know on Instagram @goalfive.

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