Mexico Looks To Overcome Odds

Mexico Looks To Overcome Odds

April 03, 2018

By Goal Five

We are stoked that the USWNT and Mexico Women's National Team (Las Tri) are renewing their rivalry this week! It's been over two years since the teams have met and Las Tri has experienced some significant changes during that time.

After failing to qualify for the 2015 World Cup, their first and only head coach of 18 years resigned, marking a significant change in leadership for the Mexican side. While the team searched for a new manager, they achieved a huge goal in their fight for equality by kicking off the inaugural season of Liga MX Femenil, a professional league born to nurture the growth of the women's game. A packed stadium of 30,000 for the championship game indicated that the long fight was exactly what everyone had been waiting for and provides yet another representation of the fight for equality globally, and more specifically in the Americas.


As fans, we couldn't be happier and we are humbled to call a few of the Las Tri women Goal Five Athletes. To celebrate the occasion, we wanted to take a moment to introduce just one of them, Katie Johnson. We sat down with Katie this week and she told us a bit of what it means to her to represent Mexico.

Where did you grow up?

Monrovia, California

How long have you been with the Mexican National Team?

3 years

How does it feel to represent Mexico at the highest level? 

I feel so honored to represent Mexico. I think it’s really cool that I can honor that side of my heritage by playing soccer. My family is really proud of me.


What is your favorite thing about Mexico?

My favorite thing about Mexico is how passionate we are about fútbol. It’s in everyone’s blood. 

What is your connection to Goal Five? 

I am a proud Goal Five athlete. 

What is your favorite piece of gear? 

My favorite piece of gear is a tie between the Excel Shorts and Equal Play shirt.

What is your favorite pre-game song to listen to? 

Sensualidad - Bad Bunny 


Share a story where you really grew as a person or an athlete? 

I really grew as an athlete after tearing my ACL for the second time. I learned the importance of taking care of my body in order to play at the highest level. I also have a greater love for the game. 

What do you want to see achieved in the game of soccer? 

Equal pay. The women’s side of soccer is not glamorous. We clearly don’t play for fame or money. I would like to see our hard work and dedication to the sport be rewarded.

If you weren't a professional athlete, what would you be? 

I would love the flip homes. Call me the next Jo Gaines from Fixer Upper ;)


If you liked this interview, stay tuned for more articles on our Las Tri players and other Goal Five athletes!

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