Our "Favorite" Athletes From the Tokyo Olympics

August 09, 2021

This year’s Summer Olympics was truly one for the books. From broken world records to first-time gold medals, we are lucky to have witnessed this historic event. We continue to stan the incredible female athletes that dominate the game every single time, and look forward to the future of women’s sports in the public eye. While it’s nearly impossible to choose our “favorite” athletes from this year’s games, we’re going to take a moment to highlight a few women and players that stood out to us in more ways than one.

  • Simone Biles. Does she really need an introduction? Not only did Simone crush the competition at the start of the games, but her choice to withdraw from multiple events due to her mental health made a colossal statement to athletes everywhere. Simone’s actions opened the door for athletes of all levels to take a step back and know that it’s okay to reset when you’re getting close to the edge. She really said “self care” despite the pressure, and we’re here for it.

  • Momiji Niyasha. An absolute shredder at just 13 years old, Momiji took home the gold in skateboarding’s debut at the Olympics this year. We love to see someone so young inspiring her own generation of athletes to be the greatest. Let’s just take a moment and recognize the fact that all three medalists in street skateboarding were teenagers (shoutout to Rayssa Leal and Funa Nakayama)...once again, we stan.

  • Quinn. Quinn is not only the first openly trans athlete to compete in the Olympics, but also the first openly trans athlete to win a medal. Canadian footballer Quinn has proved to the world that heroes come in all forms, and has given some much-needed representation to the trans community on a global scale. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you can’t be what you can’t see.

  • Elaine Thompson Herah. She is now the fastest woman alive...need we say more? Thompson-Hera became the world-record holder for the 100-meter after crossing the finish line in 10.61 seconds. We absolutely LOVE to see it.

This list encompasses a mere handful of the incredible athletes that came through the Olympics this year. Every year we show the world that womxn in sport deserve to be seen as equals, and we won’t stop repping that mission and fighting the good fight until we get the recognition we deserve.

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