Reunited and it Feels So Good

Reunited and it Feels So Good

September 16, 2021

Reunited and It Feels So Good

^POV: you haven’t seen your teammates in months. But after a long awaited reunion, we are back and better than ever.

In the spirit of uniting once again, we’re branding the fall of 2021 the season of togetherness. Whether you’re on campus, on the field with your team, or on the hunt for the best fall training apparel (hint, peep these), we’re focusing on the things that make us feel whole. With cool weather making its appearance and a growing interest in holiday-themed movie nights, there are endless possibilities to keep our friends close and our teammates closer.

Best way to kick off the season:

Okay, honestly, what better way to feel united with your team than matching training gear? Right? It’s a bonding experience, we promise. The Indie Training Short was designed specifically for girls in sport, because we had enough of the shorts that needed to be rolled, tucked, and shrunk. Tell your coaches to check out our new fall colors of the Indie, and check out our bulk team discounts (insider tip) to have your whole team fitted for the season.

Something to remember:

With all of this being said, the first reunion after the uncertainty and alone-time we’ve all experienced in the last year+ can be totally overwhelming. And that’s totally okay. Make sure to stick to what makes you feel good and whole and happy, and things can only go up from there. Plus, go ahead and check out the NCAA Mental Health Resources for support. We <3 you, you’re doing great.

(Sing it with us) Let’s get together and feel alriiiight!

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