What do with your used gear

What do with your used gear

March 06, 2023

What do with your used gear

Spring is upon us, which means... SPRING CLEANING 🌸🌷🧼

If you're anything like me, I'm taking stock of allllll of my clothes. After sorting through the giveaways and the keeps, I'm left with mile high pile of perfectly good clothing. Some are old college tees that can go straight to Goodwill, but others are just older workout and training gear that could use some new life.

used activewear

In an effort to be more sustainable, I've been researching the best ways to recycle my gently used activewear. Here are the best things you can do with your used gear:

Have some cool stuff that you just don't have room for anymore? Offer it up to your friends! Bring some gear to your workout class or your tennis match. You might just make someone's day with those leggings.

Spring cleaning is happening all over the place. See if your people are also looking for a refresh. Plan a clothing swap with your gear and any other stuff you're planning to get rid of.

Find a clothing drive near you! This one is especially good for used shoes and sports bras. These are items people are regularly in need of. One of our favorite organizations, The Sports Bra Project, hosts sports bra drives as well as takes monetary donations. These are small things we can all do to make sure girls and women everywhere have access to basic necessities.

Clothes too rundown to be reworn? Keep 'em out of the landfill by turning them into other things you can use! Find a list of places that can do something with your used clothing here.

For just a little effort, you can get a little cash for those rags. Places like Poshmark and Plato's Closet can be a great resource for getting your gear to someone who can keep loving it, while putting some money back in your pocket.

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