9 Best Spring Running Clothes (2022 Trends)

9 Best Spring Running Clothes (2022 Trends)

May 06, 2022

As a runner, you look forward to the fresh, warm air. But springtime also comes with occasional rain showers that can come and go unpredictably and catch you by surprise.

So now that it’s that time of year again, you’re back to rethinking your rotation of running gear. 

Runners Gear Up for the Spring Season

Any time you’re expecting fleeting rain or temperature fluctuations, layers are your friend. If it’s warm at the start but cold later, a hoodie or light jacket around the waist could be the move. 

Sometimes it’s on the dreary side when you head out for your run, but it’s likely to clear up. Then you can start with an easily removable outer layer.

You’ll also need the right materials that breathe while offering wind and water resistance, so you stay warm and dry no matter what this tricky season throws at you.

Features to Look for in Spring Running Clothes

Before you dive into shopping for your Spring 2022 running wardrobe, brush up on the running gear basics:


When you’re running and working up a sweat, it’s important to wear breathable materials that aren’t too stuffy or insulating. Breathable workout clothes help ventilate you and regulate your body temperature, so you don’t gas out.


Moisture-wicking fabrics have a structure to pull moisture away from your body, including sweat and rain. These textiles also dry out quickly, so they don’t absorb lots of moisture and then get weighed down, bunchy, and uncomfortable.


Whereas fibers like cotton absorb moisture fast, less absorbent fabrics are better for springtime running. You want the rain to drip off the clothes and keep you dry rather than soaking up water like a sponge.


Similarly, look for workout clothes that hold up against chilly gusts of wind.


Last but not least, feeling confident in your new spring gear is almost as important as feeling physically comfortable. Find styles that are cohesive with the clothes you wear. If your running clothes for spring are cute and you, you’ll feel more motivated to brave the weather’s mood swings.

Nine Best Spring Running Clothes for Women

This spring workout clothes collection is an excellent start at finding the perfect gear for layering and keeping moisture, wind, and discomfort at bay:

  1.  Slide Force Women’s Spandex Shorts

Some days, it’s too warm for a legging or jogger, but you’re worried about getting a little cold or damp in just your light running shorts. These are the perfect days to layer the Slide Force women’s spandex shorts underneath for extra warmth and moisture protection.

Best Underlayer to Pair with Running Shorts

Some mildly shaping protective spandex shorts will extend your favorite running shorts' coverage, warmth, dryness, and comfort.


  • Soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking brushed fabric
  • Double-layer side panel 
  • Smooth, non-chafing seams

Why customers love it

One verified customer enjoyed the fit and fabric: “Fit is supportive without feeling like a girdle, especially the waistband. Fabric is soft and feels dry throughout my workout.” 

Get it here

2. Freasy Women’s Relaxed Fit Hoodie

You’ll need a more water-resistant sweatshirt or light jacket for significantly wet weather. But if a long sleeve tee alone won’t cut it, you won’t go wrong with the Freasy women’s relaxed fit hoodie.

Best Outerlayer Top for Extra Warmth

With a moisture-wicking top underneath for sweat control, this hoodie has the space and cozy warmth to keep you going during inevitable temperature dips.


  • Pre-shrunk French Terry
  • Soft, 100% cotton with a worn-in feel
  • Full front and back coverage

Why customers love it

Michaela A. calls it “the perfect hoodie… Not too heavy, but heavy enough to hang in a really flattering way (covers my butt and doesn’t ride up when I move.) It breathes when I sweat. The fit is generous in a comfy but not too big way. And the color (teal) is gorgeous. I get compliments all the time.” 

Get it here

3. Go Again Women’s Cropped Leggings- 21’’

Never again get discouraged on the spring days when you wake up to find that it’s a bit cooler than it should be. The 21-inch Go Again women’s cropped leggings work for those unseasonably chilly runs when you need more coverage than shorts provide.

Best Legging for Spring Running

A hidden drawcord keeps these leggings where they belong while you run, and the trusty pockets keep you carefree while holding onto your essentials.


  • Snug, sculpting fit
  • Two hip pockets for cards, keys, or a phone
  • Hidden drawcord

Get it here

4. Foudy Women’s Long Sleeve Workout Top

On those cool days, or for an early morning or late night run in the Spring, a warm but breathable long sleeve shirt is perfect. The Foudy women’s long sleeve workout top has a body-skimming but roomy fit and breathable material for those in-between running conditions.

Best Longsleeve Top for Moisture-Wicking

Especially if it starts drizzling briefly, you’ll be happy you reached for this luxurious stay-dry shirt. The hem is just long enough, and the thumb loops keep the sleeves down to ensure that you stay covered and just warm enough.


  • Moisture-wicking, ultra-soft fabric
  • SeamSoft flatlock stitched seams minimize chafing
  • Balanced cut is fitte and loose in the right places

Why customers love it

Betty C. enthusiastically recommends it: “Love this top. The fit is perfect - not too clingy and not too loose. Also, it washes beautifully.”

Get it here

5. Advance Women’s Workout Tank

Sometimes those spring days surprise you with a warmer hint of summer. That’s when you’ll favor the Advance women’s workout tank for staying cool and dry.

Best Tank for Moisture-Wicking

Ideal for balmy conditions, the Advance tank also does well as a moisture-wicking mid-layer when you have a sweatshirt or longsleeve shirt on top for on-the-go versatility.


  • Body-skimming fit, crewneck, and contoured hem
  • Stay-dry fabric is luxurious and soft
  • Anti-chafe microfilament flatlock seams

Why customers love it

As a runner, Patti P. loves how this shirt looks while keeping her comfortable and dry: “I am a runner and want to be comfortable and dry. This top fits perfect and is super cute on.”

Get it here

6. Pionxr Bra Top

Looking for a top-notch sports bra that doubles as a crop top? The Pionxr bra top is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s supportive and comfy as a fully-functional bra to wear as a base layer, but it’s cute and modest enough to wear by itself, even while running.

Best Sports Bra for Layering Versatility

On days you know the workout is going to warm up, prep for your run by wearing this perfect bra top under a shirt or light hoodie that you can take off and keep going without missing a beat. Plus, the cups are removable- keep them in for more coverage and support or take them out if you prefer less structure.


  • Crop top length
  • Medium support compression fit with double front lining and removable cups
  • Smooth finished arm holes and neckline means no chafing

Why customers love it

Karen J.  “loved the matching shirts” to pair with the Pionxr: “This bra is so comfortable yet supportive. Will be my new go to running bra!”

Get it here

7. Equal Play Women’s Soccer Over the Calf Socks

Maybe a recent downpour has covered your favorite running route in mud or rain puddles. Don’t let it stop you, just pull on a pair of Equal Play women’s soccer over-the-calf socks. The moisture-wicking properties will help manage sweat from the inside while protecting your lower legs from cold and moisture.

Best Socks for Moisture-Wicking

Spring showers are for growing flowers- they shouldn’t lead to damp legs and feet. These socks protect, stay up on their own, and cushion your feet from the impact of running.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep feet dry
  • Contoured fit to stay in place
  • Targeted impact cushioning

Why customers love it

Shannon V. says, “Love the socks! Will be purchasing the red/white ones as well. Comfortable, perfect for running outside or strength training gym days.”

Get it here

8. Sheva Women’s High Rise Running Shorts

It’s refreshing to get out and run on those extra sunny days. So don’t overheat, just enjoy the breathability of the Sheva women’s high-rise running shorts.

Best Running Short for Breathability

A barely-there mesh liner and flowy design held in place by a secure waistband provides the ideal combo of ventilation and coverage.


  • Lay-flat knit waistband
  • Breathable and stretchy liner
  • Two pockets

Why customers love it

Gina F. writes, “I like that they move with you instead of you being restricted by them… I like that the waistband is super comfortable and doesn’t roll over at all. The material is super soft and made well. They fit perfectly.”

Get it here

9. Fast & Free Women’s Workout Shorts

Try the Fast & Free women’s workout shorts if you want a short that stands alone in hot temperatures and transitions to layering without sacrificing breathability. 

Best Breathable Running Short You can Layer

These aren’t just for keeping you cool in the heat. If the temperature is somewhere in the middle, you can comfortably wear these over some spandex to stay warmer and dryer- without geting too warm.


  • Body-skimming fit and four-way stretch
  • Breathable, stretchy brief liner
  • Waistband pocket

Why customers love it

Sarah V. comments, “These shorts are perfect! The wide waist band is soft and stretchy to move with you. The fabric is a great quality and will hold up for a while. Can’t wait to wear them this summer!”

Get it here

What to Consider When Shopping Spring Running Clothes Online?

You’re beyond ready to get ahold of the best running clothes for spring. But shopping in-store can be a hassle. You don’t feel like digging through disorganized stock, hoping they have your style and size on-hand only to stand in a long line to check out. Online can be easier and so much more convenient as long as you remember a few pointers.

Are your size and measurements available?

Take your body measurements with a sewing measuring tape before online shopping. Compare your measurements with the online store’s sizing charts, and see if your size is in stock.

What features are you looking for?

Do you need pockets, customizable features like an adjustable drawcord, a breathable liner, or water-resistant exterior? Check product descriptions for the features you need.

Do the design and style match your taste?

What will you pair with your new pieces? Do already own things that go, or are you trying something new with your workout clothes style?

Do I need to add another item for the final look?

Treat yourself to a whole coordinated running ensemble to get yourself extra excited for your springtime runs.

What features do you look for in the perfect spring running clothes?

Maybe you live somewhere hot and dry where breathability and sweat-wicking is key. Does a temperate or wet climate complicate how you dress for your runs this time of year? Many of us can’t resist spacious yet non-cumbersome pockets.

Debate liner or no liner on Instagram and tag us @goalfive. Then, check out the rest of our women’s activewear with fresh colors and patterns for Spring 2022.

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