All Shorts, All the Time

All Shorts, All the Time

September 07, 2021

All Shorts, All the Time

Goal Five was created because the struggle for women to find a suitable athletic short was real (very, very real). Shorts were made by men for men’s bodies and then adjusted for women from there. We set out to make a short by women for women’s bodies, and that’s exactly what we did. And now we have a whole family of shorts designed for the hardworking, always-moving, never-quitting woman.


Sheva Training Short

Our newest short came as a result of asking and listening to you, our loyal customer. You wanted a liner. We gave you a liner. You wanted pockets. Boom, pockets. Same great 4-way stretch? You betcha. The Sheva Training Short has it all and looks great to boot. From hanging around the house to running 100 mile races, the Sheva is the ultimate short that will never let you down.


Excel Training Short

The number one problem athletically built women run into when it comes to shorts is the ride-up. You know what we’re talking about. You’re out for a run, enjoying the sweat and the sun, but are constantly tugging at the hem of your shorts pulling them down. This is where the Excel comes in. With a medium rise, classic 4-way stretch, and 5” inseam, the Excel is our most beloved short for a reason. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves.


Fast & Free Training Short

You know the feeling when you get new gear and instantly feel like you can move quicker and stronger? That’s the Fast & Free. Designed to make you feel exactly how this short is named - fast and free. It’s the ideal running short with a 3” inseam, built-in liner, and stash pocket in the back for all small-sized essentials. You worked hard for those thighs, set them free in the Fast & Free.


Indie Training Short

With perfect coverage for everyone from a youth soccer player to an adult pickle baller, the Indie Training Short is here to give you mobility and style. The higher rise and 4 way stretch allows for maximum comfort during those tough training sessions or long walks with the dog. The Indie will keep you covered and confident no matter what your activity is.


Slide Force Short

The Slide Force Short is made to fit your body and your movement. It’s the perfect short to layer under your shorts or even just wear on their own. The waistband provides a secure fit that isn’t too tight in order to keep your slides in place while moving around. The 5” inseam makes them the ideal length for stability, so you won’t be pulling them down all the time after you make your play. And with a little padding on the side you’ll be sure to feel like a force all your own.


We know all bodies are different and that’s why we’re so proud of our collection. Each piece, top and bottom, was made with you in mind. Our goal is (and always will be) to provide you with the ultimate comfort and look you need with our existing styles. This collection is only the beginning, and that’s why your reviews matter. We know you want more, so don’t be afraid to tell us!

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