Powerful Workouts for the Fall

Powerful Workouts for the Fall

October 05, 2022

Powerful Workouts for the Fall

Looking to switch up your workout routine this fall? Take this as your reminder that it is okay (and good!) for your workout routine to be fun, and sometimes mixing it up is exactly what you need. Here are some workout ideas to make you feel POWERFUL this fall!

Power & Performance for Soccer Athletes

soccer skills

Team G5 Ambassador, Jasmine Henderson, strives to empower players through her soccer skills coaching. Check out her 3 essential skills & drills to bring to your next training session. 

Just like Jasmine here, bring along a workout partner to help push and empower you on the pitch or in the gym. Nothing says power like the accountability check and encouragement from a training partner. 

Finding Power in Balance

athlete yoga

Athletes for Yoga is home to the only athlete-led, on-demand yoga video platform and app, coach training, and global community of athletes using yoga to achieve their goals. They strive to put yoga into context of your sport and goals with functional strength, strategic injury prevention, and optimized recovery to make you a more balanced, resilient, and powerful athlete. 

Not only are home workouts convenient, but they allow you to explore new ways to workout in the comfort of your own home. Find your new favorite workout buddy in the form of an app like Athletes for Yoga or another. 

Finding Power in Exploration & Adventure

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are blessed to have nature and trails all around us! Weekend Sherpa is a newsletter that provides weekly hiking ideas and intel from all over California to explore the surrounding outdoors. Research online to see if there is a similar newsletter in your area that will inspire you to get outdoors in a safe and fun way. 

One of our local wholesale partners, Sports Basement, leads group trips in the outdoors, inviting community members from all over the Bay Area to come together to explore outside. Look to see if your local sporting goods store leads similar group activities in your local area!

Finding Power in Community

goal five

Many of us feel the most powerful when we workout together. Group classes more your thing? Check out ClassPass to explore your local studios and gyms at a discount. 

Similarly, if you are an endurance athlete looking for some inspiration to get out the door, your local running store or bike shop might have the connections and/or group training opportunities that you are looking for! 

We hope these ideas bring you some inspiration this fall to get active and to find your power! Remember, if a workout routine isn’t serving you, perhaps it’s time to change it up just like the falling leaves outside. 

Let us know how you find your power this fall by tagging us @goalfive on Instagram with #EqualPlay. 


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