Skills & Drills For Soccer Players

Skills & Drills For Soccer Players

September 28, 2022

Three Essential Skills for Every Soccer Player

Soccer is simple but not easy. It's time to master three essential skills! When the ball's at your feet, you only have three options: 1) dribble 2) pass or 3) shoot. That's it! The challenging part is to actually MASTER these three skills, so you can have fun, get creative, make decisions at game-speed and become a playmaker and game changer for your team! Work the variations of these drills as demonstrated, focusing on correct technique, speed, power and belief. A consistent, dependable touch, pass and shot is key to completing plays in a game. As you master these skills, your confidence will go through the roof, and you'll continue to enjoy the beautiful game! 


Jasmine Henderson:

Jasmine Henderson is a 3x World Record holder, former professional soccer player, author, speaker and mom. She has coached soccer for over 15 years, from academy to club, recreational to high school, and trains players in her own soccer clinics. Jasmine is currently coaching out of Fort Worth, Texas. Follow her on IG: @JasmineEmpowers 

Vanessa Gonzalez:

Vanessa Gonzalez is a sophomore currently playing center midfield for Stephenville High School and Americas Futbol Club in Fort Worth, Texas. She is class of 2025.

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