Shoutout to All Moms

Shoutout to All Moms

May 06, 2021

This Mother’s Day goes out to all the incredible moms in our community. Whether you are a mom or you were raised by one, we can all agree that those special women in our lives deserve a collective shout out for the remarkable deeds they do for us every day. While all moms are superheroes (that goes without saying), we’re also going to highlight what it means to be a “girl mom,” because the impact that she can have on her daughter’s life hits different. A ‘girl mom’ goes beyond the daily fundamentals of caring by actively inspiring her daughter to be strong, confident, and proud of her identity.

Our Goal Five community is full of girl moms who do the absolute most to empower their daughters every day. To kick off this Mother’s Day celebration, we want to highlight the few who exist within our inner circle. Our fantastic CEO and Co-Founder, Ann Kletz, embodies the definition of both a girl mom, and a girlboss. As a woman who runs a company rooted in female empowerment, her authenticity is what empowers her daughters (and us) the most. As her daughters told us, “My mom is an awesome girl mom because she taught me to always be proud of who I am. She is the best role model out there.”

Next, we have our Director of Customer Engagement, Tricia, whose name you may recognize from our Facebook DMs and website chatroom. Tricia is another example of an incredible girl mom and representation of our brand identity in one. We appreciate Tricia’s natural inclination to lead people in the right direction, and we know her two daughters do too.

Third, we have our champion Product Designer, Amy, whose knack for creating gear for strong women comes from being one herself, and raising one at home. Amy is a true leader on and off our team Zoom calls, making her an incredible inspiration for the girls in her family and beyond.

Last but not least, we have our Senior Director of Product, Brie. Brie came onto our team with energy, drive, and ambition; three qualities she carries with her in all facets of her life. Her passion for creating positive change in the apparel industry is matched by her love for her family, which makes her an epic role model for those who come after her.

We hope each and every one of you can take a moment to thank the moms in your lives who empower you to be the best version of yourself. There’s never enough ways to say thank you. From us to you, Happy Mother’s Day!

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