Which short is right for you?

Which short is right for you?

May 04, 2021

Ah, training shorts. A pain point for many women, but a game-changer when you find the ones that fit. With three shorts styles in our collection, we’ve made it both a mission and a lifestyle to bring you shorts that work the best for your body, every time. Let’s take a look into what makes each of our shorts unique, and give a little insight on how to know which one is right for you:

Our Fast & Free Training Short is a great option for those who love to switch up their workout routine on the regular and have made cross training a lifestyle. It’s our shortest short with a 3” inseam, but the built-in brief liner keeps this short in place at all times. Plus, it has a stash pocket in the back for all small-sized essentials (think keys, ID, chapstick, or a snack). You wouldn’t want full pockets weighing you down on that morning run anyways, would you?

Next, we have our Excel Training Short. This style has most of us questioning why our standard for shorts has been so low all these years. With our signature 4-way stretch fabric, this short lays flat against the body for a weightless feel. This short is mid-rise and has a 5” inseam for just the right amount of coverage. Excels are most popular among our community of runners and gym-goers, but we’ve even been told that they make great swim shorts. Who said quick-drying fabric had to be limited to sweat?

Last but certainly not least is the Indie Training Short. With a 5.5” inseam and a higher rise, this short provides maximum coverage without sacrificing the 4-way stretch and mobility female athletes require. This short pairs perfectly with our Advance collection, making the quintessential uniform for your training routine.

No matter which short you choose, we hope they elevate you to reach your potential. We will continue to bring you styles that were made for a female athlete's body, because the better the fit, the easier it is to focus on reaching your goals. We aren’t stopping at seasonal colors, keep your eyes peeled for new styles coming out *very* soon. Did someone say pockets?

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