The 99'er Bra Top

The 99'er Bra Top

July 26, 2021 1 Comment

Alongside shorts, sports bras are a major pain point for many women. Whether you’re a marathoner or do HIIT workouts 4 times per week, a poorly designed bra can be the difference between pushing for the extra mile and leaving the gym early. Like, your bra has one job, right?

Our team of athletes has taken note over the years of all the ways our sports bras have failed to meet our needs, and therefore made it our purpose (and a personal challenge) to make a bra that fits yours. Introducing the 99'er Padded Sports Bra, a bra that, like you, was created to challenge norms. So what makes this bra so special? Let’s take a look:

Why is it that so many sports bras tend to be so ill-fitting? Similar to many other women’s athletic apparel lines, the wrong silhouettes are used when shaping women’s clothing. In order for a women’s bra to fit properly, it needs to be fitted to our needs from conception.

We're solving for the "shrink it and pink it" problem, where companies will simply shrink a men's silhouette and then color it pink or purple and then call it a women's line...there is very little performance sports apparel out there in the market, and when a girl or woman is lucky enough to find some, it usually doesn't fit properly.” - Ann Kletz, G5 CEO & Co-Founder.

You deserve a bra that fits, functions, and keeps you feeling good every step of your training process. Check out the 99'er Padded Sports Bra, and you’ll feel the difference it makes in your game.

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August 04, 2021

I love my 99’er bra. It fits well and is comfortable. BUT….I am dealing with a shoulder issue and pulling off any sports bra over my head is just not happening right now. Would really love it if I could get the 99’er with a back closure that would make it easier going over my head.

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