The Reformation Rookie

The Reformation Rookie

October 30, 2020 1 Comment

Give it up for our newest brand ambassador, Utah Royals Forward Tziarra King! Tziarra (A.K.A “Zee”) is not only an incredible athlete, but an inspiring human with a passion for change. Zee has recently spoken out against multiple systems of oppression in both the NWSL and beyond, and is fighting to set a higher standard for equality and respect for womxn in sports and society. Plus, she’s a kick a** dancer and is not afraid to bust her moves out on the field, and for that we respect her greatly. We had the awesome pleasure of interviewing Zee to learn a little bit more about her, check out our conversation below:


Needless to say, your rookie year was not as expected. How did you face the challenges associated with playing during a pandemic, and what are you looking forward to going into the next season?

Returning to sports in the middle of a pandemic was definitely an interesting experience, especially in my first year as a pro. Everyday I tried to be grateful for my family’s and my own health. It was a priority to keep everyone safe and I think our league did a great job of that. In the midst of a pandemic and social unrest, I was trying to do things to take care of my mental health. That included walking, bubble baths, coloring, music jam out sessions, and getting plenty of rest. Having awesome teammates made the experience that much better. 

We recently produced a series on our blog called “Building Each Other Up,” to show that girls of all ages and backgrounds can be role models for each other. Who inspires you the most, and what is it about that person that inspires you?

My biggest inspiration is my mom. She has always supported me and been there for me when I need her. I appreciate her strength and the way she handles adversity. When I grow up, I hope to be as awesome as a mother and woman as she is. 


As you inevitably grow as an athlete and a public figure, what motivates you to stay grounded and authentic to yourself?

My family keeps me grounded as I navigate my growth as a person and athlete. From a young age, they’ve always encouraged me to be myself and to stay true. The values I’ve learned over the years have always stayed with me. In addition, seeing young black girls relate to my experience and look up to me inspires me to continue being unapologetically myself. 

What excites you most about being a part of the Goal Five family?

I’m most excited to join the Goal Five Family because I love the message that the company stands for. Womxn deserve equality, support, and encouragement in sports and in all fields. The intersection between sports, advocacy, and community is very important to me. I feel like the intentions of this company and the people involved aligned well with mine. 

Welcome to the team, Zee! Let’s gooo!

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Rich King
Rich King

November 10, 2020

Great choice in selecting Tziarra Lanae King as your newest Brand Ambassador. Go get ’em Sweetie Pie, change the world!

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