What to look for in a Sports Bra

What to look for in a Sports Bra

January 31, 2023

What to look for in a Sports Bra

As any woman knows, a good sports bra is ESSENTIAL. In a post-quarantine culture, women have shifted into the sports bra life (if they wear a bra at all). Whether you're working from home or out running a marathon, a quality sports bra is key. Your body needs it and you deserve it. Comfort and support are not things we should ever sacrifice when it comes to our activewear.


A good sports bra should be so comfortable that you forget you have it on. Everything from the straps to the pads to overall design. A good looking bra should also feel good. Goal Five bras have all of your bases covered.

The 99'er is designed to be your go-to, medium support, every day bra. It has a super smooth feel in the arm and neck holes. The mesh fabric is crazy breathable. We've even sewn in the pads so that you don't have to deal with adjusting or losing them.

The Pionxr is your trend-setting, crazy comfy sports bra. It's made a little longer than a normal bra, which is great for wearing on its own and for better coverage. Brushed elastic feels good against the skin no matter your movement. This bra does feature removable pads if that's not your thing.


All sports bras are not created equally. And that's a good thing! Different bras offer different support. When buying a bra, think about what you'll be using that bra for - running? lounging? scaling a mountain? Support is important to think about because it affects the comfort and impact of your bra.

Bra support comes in three impact levels: low, medium, and high. Here are some examples of activities at each level.

  • Low Support: yoga, walking, lounging, weight training, barre
  • Medium Support: cycling, everyday wear, hiking, jogging
  • High Support: running, HIIT, team sports


From cotton to spandex, sports bras come in all kinds of fabrics. Cotton is nice because it's soft, but not very good for any activity that actually causes you to sweat. Spandex is great because of its elasticity, giving you good movement. A great sports bra gives a good mix of things.

Both our 99'er and Pionxr are made with a polyester/spandex blend. The polyester gives it its undeniable moisture-wicking capabilities as well as contributing to a longer lifespan with less wear and tear. The spandex gives you the stretch and movement you need in any activity. And they're just incredibly soft. I'm pretty sure our designers are wizards.


There are a lot of features to consider in a sports bra, but if it doesn't fit well it's just no good. So, how should a sports bra fit?

A sports bra should be snug, but shouldn't be so tight that it's hard to breath. It should also lay flat/smooth across you. If the fabric bunches, the straps slide off or there are gaps between your breasts and the bra, it's too big. Remember, tight, but not too tight. We are looking for good support AND comfort here.

Take a look at our size guide here for how to properly find your size.


The average sports bra should be replaced every 6-12 months. This is because support declines, due to straps stretching and sliding. There is also a chance for chafing to occur when the band loosens with age.

Goal Five sports bras are made with premium quality, giving them a 2-3 year lifespan. Our bras last longer, keep shape better, and maintain comfort. Intentionality with comfort, support, fabric, and fit make for some of the longest lasting bras on the market.

Take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you. No matter what you use your sports bra for, we want you to look good and feel good forever and ever and ever. Shop Goal Five. And care for your Goal Five.

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