Oiselle: Community is Power

Oiselle: Community is Power

November 20, 2020

Women-Led Wednesday is an annual event (but more like a reminder) to shop, support, and uplift women-owned and women-run brands. It’s a day rooted in a long fight for equality, and an underlying mission that we support year-round. This Women-Led Wednesday, we’re choosing to support a few women-led companies in particular that complement our mission and inspire us to continue our fight for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Communities empower, and building a community of strong, passionate and supportive women is authentically powerful. Oiselle is a community-driven running apparel brand transforming the industry through globalized connection, and we are 100% here for it. Built on the idea that “information = power,” this women-led company provides unique and valuable resources to runners of all demographics, and has cultivated a space for women and girls to experience healthy coaching relationships, protect their love of sport, and understand their changing bodies. 

Check out the Oiselle Feminist Library for some great books, newsletters and podcasts to keep you informed, energized, and pushing for positive change!

Not only does Oiselle provide ways to understand our inevitably changing bodies, they make clothes that fit our bodies. This Women-Led Wednesday, go check out Oiselle’s Wazzie Wool collection and their Puffy Styles. These unique fits are made from 100% merino wool and sustainably sourced down for this chilly Winter. What’s at the intersection of comfort and sustainability, you ask? Oiselle, proudly.

Made by women, for women, Oiselle is authentically changing the game. Their commitment to building each other up through education and sustainable clothing development resonates all-too-well with us, and we admire their tenacious mission!

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