The Short That Does It All

The Short That Does It All

February 10, 2021

It’s no secret that for women, finding the right pair of shorts can be hard. And when you’re built like an athlete, the search only becomes more challenging. As a company made up of female athletes, we recognize the struggle associated with finding a training short that is both comfortable and functional, and thus made it our mission to create a short that was *actually* made to fit our bodies. The Excel Training Short is proof that we don’t need to settle, because the shorts we wear should do as we do, everything.

And the best part is, when you find a short that fits your body and your needs, you can use it for any activity. Whether you’re a current athlete in peak training season, a casual runner, or just an everyday badass woman, we love hearing about all of the ways you wear your Excel Training Shorts. You spoke, we listened, and now we want to share your stories with our community. Thanks to all of your incredible comments, DMs and reviews, here are five examples of how you use (and why you love) your Excel Training Shorts:

Excel Training Shorts


I thought the shorts were pricey until I ordered them for my teen daughter and saw them in action. They comfortably fit her athletic soccer thighs, they never ride up, the length is trendy but still modest, performance wise - she can run, aggressively train for soccer, do yoga and barre, participate in CrossFit like workouts AND we have had her first two pairs for over two years (she wears and washes every week) and they still look brand new...None of her other sports fabrics have held up this beautifully…” - Jennifer


“It is so hard to find a good pair of workout shorts that don’t fit weird, or that aren’t too short, but these are the perfect length for any active adventure. AND look good too! I don’t even play soccer, but use these for bike riding, jogging, lifting weights and even just casually.” - Vanessa


“These are my new favorite shorts and I really wish I would've found them while I was still playing. Even now they're fantastic for all the other activities I do since officially retiring my cleats -- running, lifting, climbing, hiking. They're comfortable, flexible, and they breathe.” - Mandy

Excel Training Shorts


I love these shorts. They are great for hiking, walking and everyday! - Erin



“These are perfect for workouts, training runs, slipping over a bathing suit, and running around town. I love that these don't have a liner - makes them more versatile for on-the-go women! The length is perfect - not too short or too long. The waistband is comfortable and slimming. I think they look good, so I feel good!” - Melissa

Excel Training Short

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